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It’s a Lifestyle

Let Coach Tracey teach you how!

<strong> What's Standing In Your Way? </strong>

What's Standing In Your Way?

We have Services to Meet Your Budget, Schedule, and Location.

I know, I know! Sometimes life gets in the way of doing the things we need for ourself. That’s why I’ve made it super simple for you to throw out the excuses and join me on the journey to reveal yourself to yourself.

Let Coach Tracey show you how to have more time…energy…confidence…success!


A Coaching Program for Ambitious Women

90 - Days | 13 – Sessions | 1 – Goal


It's You Against You!

Become inspired to master your life
through our 40-day self-study book.


Private 60-minute sessions with a certified coach.

Coaching is offered in bundles of 1, 3, 6, or 9 sessions.


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The Ya-Ya Sisterhood is an exclusive membership group for ambitious and influential women who are ready to stop settling and start playing for something BIGGER in their life.

Women of all ages and from diverse backgrounds convene in a fun, loving, and down-to-earth environment where they can laugh and let loose while leveling up in every area of life: health, relationships, career, money, sex, spirituality, and lifestyle.

The intention of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood is to help women build the character, courage, and consciousness to not only create their best life but to also learn how to enjoy every minute of every experience as their conviction and strength are tested by the inevitable and ever-changing circumstances of life and leadership.


Pre-Recorded: Coaching Webinars

60-min pre-recorded. Coaching Sessions on topics related to mastering money, love, sex, health, career, entrepreneurship, self-love, and more.


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Limiting beliefs and thought patterns negatively affect our lives and our careers. Identify the beliefs that bind, unlock their patterns, and transform into a self mastered force of success. Through our Life Track, you’ll learn how to release the habits and thought patterns that limit your greatness and keep you stuck. Our revolutionary training options include development courses, conferences, and retreats; Our courses and programs are offered virtually (live), on demand, and or in person. (*Some exclusions apply)

  • Lifestyle Track  

  • Career Track

  • Money Track

  • Platonic Relationships Track

  • Intimate Relationships Track

  • Health and Fitness Track

  • Spirituality Track


Need motivation and inspiration check out our video library where Coach Tracey speaks on everything SELF MASTERY
chats about your mental and physical health, your career, love and relationships etc.
We have a library dedicated to helping you to power up your greatness.




Get Out of Your Own Way Coaching Program 

Life is filled with uncertainty. We can’t rely on poor habits that stem from fear and the unconscious programming that no longer serves us.  When we do, life feels out of balance.  Our work, our personal life, our health, and our wellness suffer. We feel stuck.  When crisis hits, life becomes unmanageable, and we feel lost. 

You have the power to step out of fear and take control of your life. Our 13-week series will provide you with the CLARITY, COURAGE, and CONVICTION you need to develop the habits and support systems to manage life and all of its unforeseen changes effortlessly. You will learn the art of self-mastery and start your journey to a joyous, self-fulfilling life. 

Get Out of Your Own Way is offered one-on-one or in small groups.  It  includes a private consultation; intensive accountability from a master level coach; a peer support network; 90-min group coaching sessions; participant toolkit; subscriptions to our YDBG experiences* and You Revealed LIVE studio and a host of other resources and tools to help ensure your success.


1. Reimagine your life and how you see yourself as a leader and contributor in the world.

2. Measure and fortify your leadership and character.

3. Proactively address personal blind spots.

4. Learn how to use your personal power to adapt to current conditions, influence change, and build strategic advantage in any circumstance.

5. Work more effectively with diverse personalities in and outside of the work setting.

6. Create the habits and accountability systems to better manage time, stress, and competing demands.

7. Make sound decisions with greater confidence.

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