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Tracey Knight Consulting is a global personal and professional empowerment company that offers career and lifestyle solutions to individuals who are ready to win at the games of life and leadership.

My Self Mastery Center is our revolutionary, state-of-the-art institute that helps you unlock your personal power and gives you unlimited access to the virtual and in-person training and coaching you need to win at the games of life and leadership. 

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Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of principle-centered leaders armed for greatness in their personal and professional lives. Through our uniquely designed development courses, certification program, and personalized coaching sessions, individuals and teams cultivate emotional intelligence, develop self mastery, and power up their greatness to masterfully navigate the ebb and flow of life and leadership.

My Self Mastery Center is headed by Tracey Knight, M.Ed., an accomplished trainer, speaker, certified coach, and leading expert in Emotional Intelligence. Coach Tracey’s groundbreaking balance of a fun but no-nonsense approach has helped to inspire individuals and teams over the span of her 30 year career.

The SPICE Experience (Simplistic | Pattern Disruptive | Immersive | Creative | Empowerment) is our revolutionary methodology that disrupts old patterns and improves emotional intelligence. Through the use of immersive in-person and virtual training, coaching, conferences and Game Day experiences, you’ll move from level to level, earn badges, certificates, and/or CEUs.

Our goal is to not only help you develop practical life, leadership and Emotional Intelligence competencies but to develop the “whole” you.  Whether you are a leader in your family, community or in the office, you are going to be called upon to make sound decisions, navigate uncertainty and  change, stay level-headed under stressful situations, and inspire other people to be their best. Your greatest opportunity for success is becoming a 3-dimensional player - one who synergizes his/her fitness ( 20%) with a B.A.L.A.N.C.E lifestyle (30%) and leadership conscious and mindset) (50%).  

One of our many SPICE Experiences is an innovative health and fitness technology called Your Day Balance Game (YDBG), where we track, measure and provide invaluable feedback about how effectively you are relating to life and leadership.  We create an environment where your physical, mental and emotional prowess are tested and strengthened by our Game Day experiences, BALANCE lifestyle app and transformational coaching experts.  When you enter our playground, prepare to exceed your expectations and break through your limitations.

The Y.D.B.G. Experience includes:  

  • GameDay - a one day physical assessment that measures your physical prowess and how effectively you are relating to your life and leadership experiences.
  • Balance Chart - our social media technology that measures your character and guides you to a greater sense of lifestyle balance.
  • Circle of Influences - small groups we’ve designed to create a high level of feedback, awareness, and accountability to who you’re becoming. 


The Y.D.B.G is not a win/lose methodology. It’s a win/win game where you compete against yourself and use other players of the game as inspiration. It’s powered by love, balance and self-mastery.


With the SPICE Experiences, you’ll realize with indisputable clarity where your leadership strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth reside. You’ll also learn how to use our feedback to ignite your personal power, effectively regulate your less than desirable emotions, and move further down the pathway of self mastered leadership.  And, our master-level coaches and a global community of peers are there to support you every step of the way.


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You can have everything you want!

You see, I’ve been in your shoes. I ambitiously sought professional success, money, and status … and I achieved it, only to find that the life that I created for myself wasn’t all that I wanted. Then through trial and error, good days and bad days, and tons of searching, I finally found the secret to a truly satisfying, purpose-driven life. The secret is Self-Mastery. I want to share that secret with you.