My Self Mastery Center (MSMC) is a sensory, immersive playground for current and emerging leaders. We offer in-person and virtual training, coaching, conferences, and Game Day experiences to A.R.M. you in the A.R.T. of principle-centered leadership and emotional intelligence. Our approach is holistic: we synthesize research-backed methods and apply them to real-life, whole-person frameworks. Our methods are simple, effective, and fun!

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Master Your Leadership

Leadership is not a title but a way of being. Ignite your transformation as an effective and highly regarded leader in your office, community, or family through our in-person, virtual, and on-demand training and coaching programs. Choose from over 50 leadership development courses, 7 certifications, and one-on-one and group coaching programs designed to help you become a powerful influencer who empowers others to be great.

Featured Certification: Conflict Series

Many people see conflict as a negative experience. In fact, conflict is a necessary part of our personal growth and development. However, conflict becomes an issue when the people involved cannot work through it. They become engaged in a battle that does not result in growth. When this type of conflict arises, negative energy can occur, causing hurt feelings and damaged relationships.

This 4-course series will give participants the tools that will help them deal with difficult people, have difficult conversations, get along with and lead across generations, and produce win-win outcomes in the workplace.

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SPICE (Simple | Pattern Disruptive | Immersive | Creative | Empowering)

Spice up your life and power up your greatness with our revolutionary method that educates, empowers, and entertains each step of the way.  We believe that life and leadership are a game to master; SPICE is that potent ingredient that emboldens you to both “play” the game and find joy in the process.




We simplify the self-mastery process and teach how to get out of your own way by giving you the tools to power up your greatness.



Using our whole-person approach, we identify disruptive patterns and negative beliefs and shift the focus to create effective habits.



We simulate real-life experiences and
scenarios that make
learning relatable
and practical.



We create a unique, unforgettable,
and fun learning experience. Learners rave about
our entertaining



Certified transformational coaches equip leaders
with practical tools to
use beyond the
training and coaching

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Get Out Your Own Way


This fun and immersive 13-week group coaching experience is designed for women who are ready and committed to addressing the tricky and unseen obstacles female leaders encounter as they manage the responsibilities, decision-making, and pressures associated with being a key influencer at home, in the workplace, and community.

Coach Tracey Knight provides a safe and confidential space, accountability, and a research-supported system to help you overcome your fears, unleash your greatness, and build the capacity, courage, and character habits required to play, enjoy, and win at the game of life.

Master Your Life

Do you find yourself grinding way too hard, juggling competing priorities, and feeling like there is never enough time in the day? Let us show you how to master the game of life.

We will help you build the character, courage, and consciousness to not only create your best life but to also learn how to enjoy every minute of every experience as your conviction and strength are tested by the inevitable and ever-changing circumstances of life and leadership. We offer private coaching, experiential conferences, retreats, and personal development training in 7 key areas of life. 

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Featured Event:
Self Mastery Labs

Join us for our monthly Self-Mastery Lab. This 90-minute webinar focuses on developing emotional intelligence competencies and building problem-solving, critical-thinking, and relationship-management skills that are essential to success in life and leadership.